The Rococo Team

The Rococo Team: Denise Turley, Nazim Monet & Karen Browning

At Rococo we offer our clients a team of highly qualified specialists in the area of precision cutting, creative colouring, advanced perming and luxurious hair ups. We do this by intensive and ongoing training throughout our career at Rococo, and this means by working together as a team we provide the best possible services for our clients.

As fashion is constantly changing, the focus of our work is to bring our clients the most up to date hairdressing techniques and trends.

As part of our commitment to service our dedication to our clients continues as our salon only exists because our clients choose us to care for their hair.

Nazim Monet, who leads the Rococo team, began hairdressing some 25 years ago with Rococo's inception to the Geelong market taking place back in 1988.

Even though the salon has evolved dramatically over the twenty year period, Nazim still wanted to extend the Rococo team dedications to everything hair and create something that the people of Geelong have never been exposed to before. To challange each client and create a new culture around the overall 'hair experience'.

For Nazim, hairdressing is an art form, and he wanted to portray this by creating a state of the art 'hair house' rather than just a traditional salon. A space that really did evoke a true overall 'hair experience' for the client where they could not only come to get their hair styled, but escape from the realities of everyday life.

Our new concept salon delivers something to the people of Geelong that people in Melbourne, even Sydney, are accustomed and combined with our recent marketing efforts, encourages people to try a 'new hair experience', one that comes from combining Nazim's twenty year experience in the industry along with the future of service experiences.