Style Cut

Whether it be a restyle or trim, we can work together to achieve the look that is suitable for you. Includes shampoo and blow dry [30 minutes]

Beard Trims

Beards need style too! trimmed with scissors or cut shorter with clippers [15 minutes]

Blow Dry

Need to look your best for that interview, meeting or wedding, then leave it to us. Includes shampoo [30 minutes]

Permanent Colour

A tint is a colour that can change your hair to make it darker or lighter whether it be subtle in blending greys or more dramatic look [1 hour]

Foil Highlights

The wearing of sections through the hair with foil. Ideal for a sun kissed or a dramatic and noticeable colour [2 hours]

Full Bleach

Colouring the whole head lighter usually white blonde. Only a specialist can achieve the perfect even colour [3 & 1/2 hours]

Semi Permanent Colour

This colour is excellent to blend greys to look natural or choose one of many colours in the range and be bold [30 minutes]

Chemical Straightening/Relaxing

If you would like your hair to spike, straighten or tame the ‘frizzy’s’. This service is a must. Ideal for short hair. (lasts approx.10 weeks) [2 hours]