Restyle Individual designed style for your hair including consultation shampooing conditioning precision cutting and blowaving [1 hour]

Hair Cut Refreshing your current hairstyle including blowave [30 minutes]


Restyles, trims, blow dry and braiding are available to all children [30 minutes]

Styling - Blow Dry

A professional style finish for your style cut [30 minutes]


Top of the line imported hair straighteners that are able to flatten all types of hair, no matter how thick or curly. Service includes shampoo, blow dry and iron. [45 minutes]

Creative Hair Up

For that special occasion (Bridal) or that magical night out, a stunning and elegant new 'dress up' for your hair [1 hour]

Permanent Colour

A gorgeous way to express your personality. A tint is a permanent colour that can change your hair to make it darker or lighter whether it be a subtle change or something more dramatic to the brighter more intense shades. It provides a long lasting result giving 100% coverage to white hair. Vibrant or classical, your new hair colour will be your own choice natural looking hair shading [1 hour]

Foil Highlights

The weaving of fine sections through the hair with foil using 1, 2 or 3 different shades. A great way to brighten up your hair
Front, Crown or Sides [1 & 1/2 hours]
1/2 Head [2 hours]
3/4 Head [2 & 1/2 hours]
Full Head [3 hours]
Tip Cap Highlights [1 & 1/2 hours]

Single Foil Highlights

Ribbon of hair coloured subtly or totally. Great for giving strong accent to your style [1 hour]


A foiling technique that gives more colour than just highlights.
A great way to add texture to your hair [1 hour]

Sun Bleaches Foils

To achieve a sun-kissed look. Very subtle highlight giving 1-2 shades variations. The colour is applied by drawing it on top layers [45 minutes]

Full Head Bleach

Colour the whole hair lighter. Only our specialist staff can achieve the perfect white [3 & 1/2 hours]

Red Sensation

A range of stunning vibrant reds for those who want to be noticed. A range of permanent colours that are highly conditioned [1 hour]

Semi-Permanent Colour

This colour lasts 6-8 weeks (approx 30 washes) leaving no re-growth. Adds great shine and condition to your hair, now you can bring out the beauty of your own natural hair colour or improve on your existing colour [30 minutes]

Colour Correction

If someone, somewhere messes up the beauty in your hair, or if you want a complete colour change, leave it to us - we like a challenge [2-3 hours]


Removes brassiness or yellowing of blonde or grey hair only changing the shading [30 minutes]

Hair Treatment (Dry/Coloured/Permed)

Healthy shiny hair is always important. The protein and moisture replaced to hair is designed to be the ultimate destressing, detangling and healing treatment for all permed, coloured and damaged hair. [30 minutes]

Permanent Wave Services

Permanent Wave
Now you can retain the lasting body and support in your hairstyle you've always wanted. Your new wave can be soft and subtle and includes shampooing, conditioning and trim [2-21/2 hours]

Spiral Perm

The timeless almost endless curl of the spiral perm leaves many people speechless because it is so beautiful. It takes longer to achieve, but it worth the wait and includes shampooing, conditioning and trim4 hours

Body Wave

The ease of styling and the instant loveliness of your body wave will ensure that your hairstyle has much needed life and manageability. Give your style the body that it deserves. Includes shampooing, conditioning and trim [2 hours]

Chemical Relaxing/Straightening

Soft chemicals containing Keratin (protein) to straighten a bend or to tame unruly natural curls (lasts approx.10 weeks) [2-3 & 1/2 hours]

Eyelash Tinting

For those important facial feature, long lasting glamour for your eyes [30 minutes]

Eyebrow Tinting

Define your beautiful eyebrow shape with lovely shading [30 minutes]

Make up

For that special occasion (formal, wedding, debutante, interview) or just for a treat, our artists are highly trained and often feature in magazines. For that glamour look, let the experts accentuate your best facial features [45 minutes]